Do I Need A Special Rod For Alaska?


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I don't like to be taking sides but Casey's rods will do just fine. Since he grew up here I trust his judgment when it comes to rods.

Me, I'm a transplant but have landed more kings on a 9 weight that many folks would imagine. I have every bit of confidence that I could land a 60 pound king on my #9 rod.............................
Keeping on the rods, and not guns, Ard (spray is where its at)...

As you know I'll be there in early August. Only fished Alaska twice for short periods (there for work, not fishing). Don't plan on being in areas with really big fish.

I'll have my 4 wt ZXL, but don't know what dry fly opportunities there will be, and it could be a little light anyway. A fast 6 wt with a Abel #2 that should cover nearly everything I will fish. And, I would be foolish not to use this as an excuse to get another rod...I'm thinking a fast 10' 7 wt. that's got a lot of applications there and in the lower 48 as well. Something like an NRX, Z-Axis, kind of thing. (I've got an 8 wt saltwater rod but will leave that at home--it's a super fast flats rod mostly.)


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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
When you guys come up don't neglect to get in touch. I can give plenty of advice without being a guide. It would be weird to come all the way here and not drop an e-mail or call so we can meet.