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The North American Fly Fishing Forum is loaded with skilled moderators all too eager to share their vast fly fishing knowledge with our members. One of our most experienced moderators is Doug Macnair. Doug has been with this forum since its conception. He blends humor and accurate advice in his truly educational writings and forum posts.

Doug is an “is-was” who has made several transitions during his time on planet Earth. He is an advocate of fly fishing as a way to enjoy life the way God intended, appreciating the beauty of His works. Having made a career in the U. S. Army, Doug has been many other things to other people, sometimes thought of as "good," sometimes as "bad." Along the way, he authored a number of articles and a book or two for the government. Unfortunately, the majority of his published works have little to do with fly fishing. However, his first love remains the gentle art of fly fishing. Fascinated with the fly cast in his early years, he remains to this day a student of the art of the fly cast—studying, learning and exploring its dimensions. He is the author of Fly Fishing Texas: A Guide to Fishing Texas Waters©; Fly Fishing for the Rest of Us©, a “how-to-do-it-manual” now in draft; and the editor of The Wright Hatch©, a pocket-sized book covering the hatches on 32 of Vermont’s best rivers and streams.

Doug’s first love is teaching others the art of fly fishing - especially the cast - focusing on either the inexperienced fly fisher new to the sport or the experienced fly fisher looking to improve his or her skills. As a close second, trying, field-testing, and evaluating new products is his next most favorite pastime. Watch for his timely updates on recent product developments thought to be of advantage to fly fishers.

Doug says, "I teach fly fishing to advanced and beginner fly fishermen. I do it on a limited basis, by reservation only, and do not accept more than two (2) students at a time. One exception: I will accept up to 4 students who consider themselves advanced. My fees are very reasonable. $200 for one; and $375 for two for a 2-day course. With the exception of the advance clients, beginners can bring their equipment or use mine. Email me for more details and available times."

Doug is no doubt quite a prolific writer. Keep you’re your eyes open for any new Macnair books in the future. To order his e-books go to:

Doug will respond to any of your questions on this forum. You may also email him. Simply send your questions by e-mail to [email protected] or check out his web site at You may send Doug a forum Private Message to airbaby. Also, if you respond to this post, I’m sure Doug will soon reply.