Dragon's Tooth and Kingfisher Blue


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A couple patterns from two PNW icons. The Dragon's Tooth is a Mike Kinney pattern. The Kingfisher Spey is a Walt Johnson pattern. Both men have a chapter dedicated to them in Trey Cromb's Steelhead Fly Fishing (1999).

Mike is a guide and photographer living in Arlington, WA. I found some interesting stuff on Mike worth sharing. The first from his website - https://www.mikekinney.com/.

Mike Kinney has been an outdoorsman all of his life. From hiking and backpacking to hunting and fishing and gathering mushrooms to being a fly fishing guide and casting instructor. For twenty plus years he has guided fly fishing on rivers lakes and streams in Washington state. As fishing opportunities have dried up he became a photographer to help promote his guide business. As the 2008 recession started clientele dried up and mismanagement of fisheries further crippled the amount of opportunities available for fly fishing. In his attempts to promote his business his photography started to gain interest, so he can fulfill his passion of sharing amazing things that he has seen being in the outdoors all of these years. He also does custom design tours according to your interests and seasonal opportunities.

What Mike offers when it comes to photography is a chance to to learn with top notch equipment so you can try to see what it is like before you sink a bunch of time and a ton of money into the activity. Or maybe you would like to take a sight seeing trip to some of the countless land and seascapes in Washington state.

mike kinney - horned owl.jpg

The second is a Q&A interview he did for Speypages - https://www.speypages.com/kinney.html

dragons tooth and kingfisher spey.jpg

Dragon's Tooth
Hook - Blue Heron #2
Tag - Large silver oval tinsel
Body - Purple angora dub
Rib - Medium silver flat tinsel and small silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Purple schlappen
Collar - Purple heron sub and gadwall flank
Wing - Natural red and gold gp body feathers
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure

Kingfisher Spey
Hook - Blue Heron #3
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tail - Blue gp crest
Body - Blue floss and blue angora dub
Rib - Medium silver flat tinsel and small silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Silver pheasant body feather
Collar - Blue mallard flank
Wing - Blue saddle hackle tip
Sides - Kingfisher body feather
Head - White thread and Loon UV cure