Early Season Dry Fly Swap, Winter 2012


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Looks like a lot of these wlll do some damage on local waters-- thanks to all participants and another shout out to Fire Instructor for stepping in at tghe last minute to replace another tyer.

Blue Wing Olive
Tied by drlaser

Hook: Dry fly
Thread: Black
Wings: Medium dun hackle points
Tail: Dun dry fly hackle barbs
Body: Olive dubbing
Hackle: Medium dun

Elk Hair Caddis
Tied by Fire Instructor

Hook: dry fly
Thread: Tan 6/0
Body: Wapsi Life Cycle Ginger dubbing
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Natural elk hair

Little Gray Dun
Tied by jpbfly

Balloon Caddis
Tied by Darwin

Black Elk Hair Caddis
Tied by Lancer09

Griffith's Gnat
Tied by Famil00

Hook: Dry fly size 16-24 (size 20 here)
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Peacock Herl
Hackle: Grizzly palmered over body

CDC and Elk Caddis
Tied by La_jolla1

Devil Bug
Tied by Aroostookbasser

Sparkle Dun
Tied by S fontinalis

Cut Wing Mayfly Dun
Tied by kayo

Woody's Stimulator
Tied by Stimulator2

Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 12 (or size you perfer)
Thread: 14/0 Black
Tail: Whitetail Deer Body Hair
Egg sac: Insect Green Dubbing
Middle Body: Orange Yarn or Dubbing
Rear Hackle: Grizzly
Wing: Yearling Elk Hair (Bleached)
Front Body: Yellow Yarn or Dubbing

Black Caddis
Tied by peregrines

Hook: dry fly
Thread: Black
Egg sac: Green Supefine
Rib: Fine gold wire
Body: Black Superfine
Hackle: Brown or dark dun
Wing: Dark brownish gray deer hair
Note: imitates the early season black caddis, alkso called Little Black Sedge (Chimera aterima) common on many Eastern streams in April (often starting just a bit before Hendrickson mayflies start popping)

fire instructor

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Upstate NY (Albany Area)
I thought that these flies looked great when I looked at the photos, earlier. Now I get home after teaching this evening, and these, and the flies from the Nymph Swap are in an envelope on my dining room table.

The flies look even better in persomn, but they look BEST in my fly boxes!!!!!

Some great patterns here! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!!!!


I'm not going to use mine as there are a lot of Variants of Patterns I haven't seen so eventually I will frame them all to keep for future reference as undoubably they will all work over here.

Mark I like your choice of a Vise,going by The Jaws & Chuck it looks like my Dyna King,even though I mainly use my Anvil,however if I tie Large Flies I use The Dyna King as the Jaws are heaps stronger & Beefier than The Anvil.

Just thought I'd add I once saw at a Fishing Show where a Guy held a #2 Hook in the Jaws of a Dyna King & twisted the hook backwards & fowards until he broke The Hook,then he continued to Tie Flies of all sizes with it.