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With Your Help, Casting for Recovery Can Win $50,000!

Your help in October earned us a place as a finalist in the Lester Smith Pinkwell Challenge. Thank you! We are asking for your voting power once again to assist us in the next phase of the national contest. Please vote at Pink Well: Voting every day until May 15.

There you will be able to view our inspirational video about the quality of life breast cancer support program that is Casting for Recovery. Please share this link for others to view the video as we would like your friends and family to visit Pink Well: Voting to cast their votes and see the video. The top vote receiver will win $50,000.

Your support allows us to serve more breast cancer survivors as we strive to bring our quality of life support program to each woman who desires the opportunity to attend.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Remember Everybody, You Can Vote Every Day Until This Ends!​

Please take a moment to think about this. The members here have placed votes to help other members win tackle prizes and even 'Most Popular Fishing Town' status. This is truly a worthwhile cause to lend your assistance to. It only takes seconds to vote and you can help people who are dealing with something that can alter or end their lives. Let's help them to go fly fishing!

This disease is what took my mother way too early in her life. If you think about it, almost everyone either knows someone who has suffered or worse with this particular type of cancer.

We Might as well make Casting For Recovery a winner in this race. Why? Because this is a fly fishing forum for God's Sake!

It's easy, take the link, sign on, they send an e-mail, you follow that link, you scroll down, Vote for Casting For Recovery, Then You Save The Voting Page to your favorites!

Please Participate On this,

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Great idea, thanks! I'm in and I'll do my best to get the word out and show this info in front of as many interested eyeballs as possible. Cheers!