First Fly Fishing trip report


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Well i finally picked up all my gear with the help of the forum! So even though my Rod and Reel came in on Monday i haven't been able to get out to fish until today. The wife already made plans for me Saturday morning to do so it was now or never. Luckily i have a river that run by the house only about 8-9 minutes away. Got home from work, snagged all my gear and hit the road. Here are some observations, some of which i'm sure will be humorous to those more experienced in the group:

1) Need some kind of tackle box or bag for all my gear. Basically carried, waders, boots rod, fly box and tippet all loose out to the car. Oi.

2) Don't forget to pack the bug spray again...

3) Leave your keys out of your pockets until your ready to lock the car. Not after you have your waders on and are ready to go...

3) Having a line rigged with tippett ready to go before you get to the water can be a nice plus..... i'll have to see what that's like next time..:D

4) The little chest pocket on the inside of the LL Bean waders can NOT hold everything you need easily, but it can be done.. :rolleyes:

5) Make sure to tie on your strike indicator before you cast :icon_frow

6) Tie said indicator on better than you think you actually did... :ranting3:

7) When you catch the fish a third or 4th arm will come in handy if you can sprout one trying to hold the rod, grab the fish, and the hook removal pliers. :weight_li

8) Bridges are nice to fish near but cars actually drive over them and will ruin your peace and quiet.. :doh:

9) Casting far looks a lot easier on youtube... :teef:

10) Watch out for low hanging trees in your back cast... :frown:

11) It is actually a LOT of fun just hanging around in the water with no one around to watch all your blunders.

12) if you do manage to sprout that 4th arm you can use that to actually take a picture of the fish you caught. :lol2:

13) Wear Sunglasses even in the shade because there is still a glare on the water right where your strike indicator is EVERY TIME :cool:

All in all had an awesome time. Spent about 45-60 minutes in the water and it was 80 degrees air temp and felt great. First bunch of casts were terrible. I could get the line out while it was in the air but when i finished and actually went to throw it it basically all fell into a pile in front of me. Got that mostly sorted out but now i'm having a hard time with a lot of line in the air, it keeps hitting the water in front of me and behind me. I'm sure its a timing thing and will need to practice that. But had a blast, caught 4 little blue gill and missed about 10 other bites. Looking forward to the next trip and thankful i have a little spot so close to home. Here are some pictures of the water. VERY SLOW current, almost none.

And here was the bug that got it all done today. Beat the heck out of it! Not sure what its called but worked like a charm. Thanks Jerry!



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Pinedale, WY
Great first trip report! we've all made most of those blunders one time or another, so don't be discouraged. Great to see you landed some fish and yes your casting will improve with practice or better yet with a mentor watching and offering advice. Thanks for sharing your experience and all the great photos!

scotty macfly

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Northern Colorado
That sounds like a pretty good first day really. And I still leave my keys in my pocket with the waders on when I need to lock the truck.:doh:

Yeah, it sounds like you're no different than some of us I'm sure.

Glad you had fun, because that's what it's all about.


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Marthasville Mo.
Between 10 and eleven you forgot to add watch out for high tree limbs. a good report and a good start. Look for some help with your casting and you will do fine. There are a lot of good people on this site who are glad to advise you if you want it.