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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Recently we have had a rash of persons who joined the forum with little intent of actually participating as a regular member.

What exactly does that mean, 'regular member'?

Regular would mean about 99.9% of our active posters and readers, in other words You.

So what does it mean when I say 'persons who joined the forum with little intent of actually participating as a regular member'.

It means that persons who register for the purpose of promoting their own Blog or Business interests or, to run up a quick post count for the purpose of listing items for sale, are violating the rules of the North American Fly Fishing Forum. These rules were established long before I became a member here and are still enforced.

Along with the occasional garden variety spammer linking to a web site we have way too many Fishing Guides and Blog owner / operators who join up and post for the sole intent of using this forum to their own gain. Gain can simply mean to direct more traffic / hits onto their own web presence without any intent to add to the discussion or to the general quality of the forum.

Perhaps the most frequent offender would be the persons who register in order to list items for sale in our Classified Section. We have up to this point been as tolerant as possible with people who use the forum primarily as a market place but this will change. We are not a Sales Place for persons who are not regular contributers to the discussions here. If your only postings on the forum are to the classifieds you may find some things deleted in the future.

Here are a couple of the old rules that apply to what I have just said.

Meaningless or Short Posts
NAFFF requests that all members refrain from posting any message considered meaningless, very short or non-sense. If you express an opinion, please support that opinion with facts and useful information.

Post Count Manipulation
Multiple or repeated posting, or any other manipulation, in order to increase your post count is not allowed.

Here are a couple that everyone who joins to endorse their Business or Blog should read!

Promoting Blogs Persons who have established a Blog having its own Internet Address and who post to a thread specifically directing members to view their blog May be Deleted / Banned from using the forum in the future.

Promoting A 'For Hire' or 'Items For Sale' Business, This Would Include Guides and Outfitters etc. If you operate a fishing orientated business that's a wonderful thing. If you post to the forum in a fashion that has the appearance of 'Promoting Your Business' the Moderators or Administrators will give you a clear choice; Become a Business Member and have the right to promote your business while supporting the forum, or have your threads deleted.

I do hope that these rules are clear.

Ard Stetts

To view the original rules >

May 26 2018 > Additional Information: any post similar to the one I am pasting will result in your IP address being banned from any of our forums. Any post containing defamatory remarks about this forum its owners or administrators will not be tolerated.

I am glad that Joe called himself out on this. from the history this is a FF site and I am one of those people who got ripped for trying to be cool to the chuckers and dunkers. I am of the school of thought that the folks who chuck are here and are winnable but the divide is to great i guess.

Ard welcomed him..someone had to do it. He gets paid for just that. But the wishy washy nature is confusing.

The most knowledgeable here rarely put up an honest to goodness report, they never show actual natural pictures,,,Just a bunch of internet produced junk. We try, we come back, we are nice, we are positive then **** like this happens.

Fly fishing is easy. People get so hung up on fly fishing,,,**** they are trout and will hit a spark plug with a hook on it. Get off your high ****ing horses and learn to be kind humans.

Well I for one know many bait dunkers who do it with barbless circle hooks who do not deep hook and can catch five times the trout to one of a fly angler. Lord help us.

Now onto another 60 pages of bullshit and 90 posts about a pair of sunglasses and a tippet. No wonder fly fishing people are laughed at. then these same people will rip TU for their snootiness.

The hypocrisy is amazing and somewhat sickening. I came back, put the effort up and its the same old bullshit. Keep em wet...Bucket brigade, barbed hooks. Lunatic fringe.

So here's to you NAFF.


And I accept my own challenge to go out and and do instead of say and post great content instead of not. Be respectful of those who don't quite get it yet and even like Brook Rookie and weliwen even though they think I am a conservative rat *******.

See you on the river...
Watch your language and the use of images containing any gestures considered to be obscene either infraction will result in a ban regardless of seniority within the membership.
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