FS: Caddis Power Force Fins


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Anthem, AZ
These Caddis Power ForceFins are designed to provide superior control and comfort. Based on the original ForceFin design, which minimizes leg fatigue. After my one use, I can attest that they work almost exactly the same as ForceFins. They also come with keeper straps, so if for some reason they do come off your feet, you don't lose them. Lighter than the original ForceFins.

I bought these about two months ago and used them exactly once. Then my brother bought me some brand-new ForceFins, so i don't need these anymore.

Bought them for $80. Willing to let these go for $45 plus shipping (probably about $15? Maybe less). I get some of my money back, you get a deal on basically brand-new fins, everyone's happy.

I'll even rinse them off and spray them with Armor-All for free.

Pm me for pics or questions.