Golden Edge Orange and Yellow


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Golden Edge Orange

A slight variation of a Harry Lemire pattern.

Harry tied flies for 70 years. He is on the Mount Rushmore of Steelhead fly fishing icons in the sport.. I would put him up there with Walt Johnson, Syd Glasso and Frank Moore.

harry lemire 2.JPG

A quote from an 2002 ESPN article of Harry -

"I like cane rods, silk lines and wooden reels," Lemire says, nursing a glass of wine during a recent visit to Oregon's Rogue River for some steelhead fly-fishing. "I'm very traditionally minded and like bringing back something that's more or less forgotten," he says.

golden edge orange.JPG

golden edge yellow.JPG

Hook - Blue Heron #2
Tag - Large silver flat tinsel
Tail - GP crest
Body - Orange floss and orange angora dub (or yellow)
Rib - Large silver oval tinsel
Hackle - BEP
Throat - Guinea
Wing - Fox squirrel underwing with bronze mallard (sub natural squirrel)
Topping - GP crest
Sides - JC
Head - Orange thread (or yellow)
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