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Hey all....

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, or help me out. I have a cousin that lives in Green Bay. I'm going to go up to "visit" (in reality, I'm going up to fish). I'm hoping that there's a better time in the spring to get into steelhead and some of those big browns that swim up from the lake... I'm looking to swing a switch rod. Does anyone know the area, where to fish, flies, times, etc. that would be best?

Please help a guy out!



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I have yet to venture that far north on the WI coast, but have heard that the Oconto River gets some steel running into it.


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I've never fished there...but when targeting new water...i read as many online articles as I can. I get a state map with roads and streams shown (Delorme) and start marking them up. My experience with Great Lakes fishing...if there's a water and it's down river from a dam...there are fish unless it's frozen over. Learn the location of these with Google Earth and fish downstream of them.

Wisconsin's Spring Steelheading Hotspots

Lake Michigan Tributary Access - WDNR

Google Maps

I'll also scour Youtube to look at videos of the various rivers. I like larger streams where I can swing flies. I've got a pretty good idea by looking at the size of the stream if it's a drainage ditch or swinging water.


Then I make sure I stop in at the local fly shop, buy some flies and fly tying material and see if they'll mark up some spots for me.

Wisconsin Fly Fishing Shop | Trout, Smallmouth Bass & Musky Fly Fishing Guides

Sorry, that's the best I can offer.

I'm a book one of these might be worth picking up:

Flies? Well....nymphs, eggs and streamers all work. Stoneflies, hexagenia, sculpins, mini intruders, boss/comets, egg sucking leeches, caddis, flashback pheasant tails, jumbo johns, patterns abound....and to be honest...they all work. Steelhead aren't picky when it comes to the's the presentation thats most important.

If you want to swing flies........any of those shown here will get it done....

That's how I'd approach it. Don't forget to search this site for other posts on WI Steelhead. You might find a nugget or two. Good luck!