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Green Picasse

The original Picasse pattern is from well regarded guide and Atlantic Salmon fly tyer, Marc LeBlanc. Marc is from Moncton, New Brunswick and has been tying flies ever since he was a boy in 1983. He grew up 2 hours away from the famed Miramachi River in New Brunswick, Canada.

Marc explains the origin of the fly here -

"Several years ago, after teaching a guide training course for salmon fishing, I found myself one morning that I was guiding in the company of one of my students who accompanied me for a practical week-long internship . We were in June and the water was very high and cloudy, after doing a few drops with my 28-foot canoe in the Mills Brook pit on Petite-Cascapedia and that nothing had happened, I said to my fisherman: "I caught a new fly yesterday evening and we are going to try it. The fly was mounted on a very large 3/0 hook.

So, I tie the fly to the bottom line and my fisherman throws this big fly downstream in the current. The young guide who accompanied me, André Henri (now deceased), exclaimed at the sight of the fly striking the water in its splash due to its size and its weight: "It fell into the water like a Picasse. And after a few feet of drift, a large salmon caught the fly, gave a whole fight to end up in the landing net. When calm returned, I asked André: "What is a Picasse?" »He answers:« It is an anchor »in his jargon.

Shortly after that, I stumbled across a little book on the words of old French, the language of course. And I find the word Picasse, which was actually an anchor made of an alder root in which we introduced a very large rock and which we attached to make an anchor which we used to hold the nets in sea for coastal fishing like for herring or for lobster cages. There are different models.

So the name stayed and fly is one of the most popular now in salmon fishing."

Marc has obvious divine ability to tie wonderful flies....but he owes a great deal of his skills to his Aunt, Carmelle (LeBlanc) Bigaouette. He is truly lucky to have had her as a mentor growing up. You can read it here:

green picasse spey - marc leblanc.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #2
Body - Large black vinyl rib
Wing - Chartreuse arctic fox tail, uv herring back krystal flash and black arctic flox tail
Hackle - Black Whiting spey hackle and black ringneck pheasant rump
Collar - Silver Pheasant body feather
Cheeks - JC
Head - Black thread with chartreuse stripe covered with Loon UV cure