Green River/Flaming Gorge - LOST BAG!!!


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Hello Everyone!

I just recently returned from a trip to the Green River where we floated below Flaming Gorge dam. On Saturday after floating to Little Hole, we loaded our gear and headed back to the camper. The next morning as we were gearing up to hit the river again and my fishing buddy could NOT find his fishing bag, with ALL his flies, line, tippet, leaders, etc... This guy ties his own flies and his fly box was FULL of hand tied flies he has been building up over the last couple of years...

We think the bag may have been left at Little Hole, ramp #2. Or possibly on the side road as you come into Dutch John before you get to the first gas station. On our way back to the camper I took the side road to save a couple of minutes, but there is a large dip/ditch on the road as you cross another road... I was not close attention as we were laughing and telling stories from the day, I ended up hitting the dip WAY to fast and gear went everywhere. We had the raft in the back of my truck with all our rods and some other gear, the boat went airborn and partially flipped out of the truck. Our first initial inspection was we didn't lose anything and we kept going. But now wondering if we didn't look close enough...

As mentioned above, his fly bag had his fly box in it and it has hundreds if not thousands of tiny little flies he has tied, along with several other types he has tied over the years. To say this bag is irreplaceable is an understatement.

The bag is a black Patagonia should sling pack, the good news is that his fishing license was in the bag so if anyone found it we are hoping they will be able to contact him.

If you were the area this past weekend, or live in the area and BY CHANCE saw a black Patagonia bag, or heard of a buddy that lucked into a bag with a bunch of hand tied flies, please let me know so i can help my buddy out. He is pretty upset about losing all his flies.



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Ask the fly shops to put a notice on there Facebook page. I was able to reunite a bag with someone that way last year.

Also contact the Flaming Gorge Natoional Recreaton Area. Someone may have given it to the rangers.


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Sandy, UT
Man that is a bummer. I couldn't imagine losing all my fly boxes. Would take years to tie 'em back.

Hoping he gets it back.