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Green Tag

I believe this to be another Harry Lemire original pattern.

There is a chapter dedicated to Harry in Trey Comb's Steelhead Fly Fishing. In it, he describes Harry being introduced to fly fishing as a youngster by his big brother in Woonsocket, RI. It's the only way he ever fished from there on. He met his wife, Marlene, while enlisted in the Air Force, stationed in Cape Cod, MA. Once leaving the military, he got a job with Boeing....which led to him moving to Western Seattle.

This is where he would discover Steelhead, the S Rivers and hone his craft.

He didn't run a fly shop, wasn't a writer, or a guide. He simply dedicated his life to Steelhead and refined his skills in fly tying, casting, and fishing that made him a legend in the PNW.

Harry also never used synthetic materials in his flies and was one of the few tyers that would tie exclusively in hand, without the use of a vise.

green tag - mgm.jpg

Hook - Partridge Harrison Bartleet 1/0 blind eye with 30# dacron loop
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag - Green floss
Tail - GP crest topped with Impeyan pheasant
Butt - Back ostrich herl
Body - Rear half large silver flat tinsel and green angora dub at front
Rib - Small silver oval tinsel over rear half and large silver oval tinsel over front body section
Hackle - Large green heron sub
Throat - Black ringneck pheasant rump and gadwall flank
Wing - Turkey tail
Cheeks - JC
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure