Grub Style Flies


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Found this pattern on Instagram. It’s not named to my knowledge, from Ben Trerise. Very similar to an Usk Grub.

Grub flies have been around for 100+ years and are nothing new. They were popularized by George Kelson. He explained them to imitate grubs and caterpillars, which we now know to not be incorrect. Grubs are basically a simple wingless pattern imitating a shrimp or prawn commonly used for Atlantic Salmon and popularized on the River Usk and Wye in Ireland and Wales respectively. They are currently used worldwide.

Ally’s shrimp, the GP and many modern shrimp flies all trace their origins to these early grubs.

I did some creative trials and added a GP breast feather for a wing on the left version. No longer a grub...... but makes for a sleek profile with plenty of movement.

It’s an eye catching pattern for sure. Good for off colored or high water conditions where you want to help your fly be noticed.



Hook - Blue Heron #3
Tag - Large gold flat tinsel
Tail - Red micro marabou plume
Butt - Black ostrich
Body - Red angora dub at rear and black wool yarn at front
Rib - Medium silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Natural ringneck pheasant rump at rear and black ringneck rump palmered through body at front
Throat - Black ringneck rump
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure

Note - GP breast feather wing is optional as is a JC cheek.
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