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Yet another Jim Zech design Traditional Summer Steelhead Fly from Aqua Flies.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world's oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, France. It is the highest achievement in Endurance Car Racing.

In the 1960s.....Ferrari dominated the race with 6 consecutive wins from 1960 - 1965.

Ford was renown for decades as being an old folks car. Henry Ford II set out to change that view of his company. In 1963, Ford attempted to purchase Ferrari from Enzo Ferrari. This deal fell through. In response....he set out to beat them in racing. In Henry's words "Let's Go Kick Their A*S*S!". And that he did. This sparked Ford's development of the GT40. GT for Grand Touring and 40 for the height (40") of the vehicle.

gt40 winner.jpg

For 4 years, from 1966 - 1969, Ford's GT40 dominated the race. 1967 was the only year of an all American Team win at Le Mans with legendary drivers AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney at the wheel. The GT40 MK I car (pictured above) is considered the greatest Le Mans winner ever having won back-to-back (1968 and 1969).

The US hasn't fared well in the Le Mans since the GT40 dominance of the late 60s.

gt40 3.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #3
Tag - Large silver oval tinsel
Tail - Wood duck flank
Body - Orange and Florida Blue Senyo Laser Dub
Rib - Medium silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Gray schlappen
Throat - Natural guinea
Wing - Teal flank
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure
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Languedoc/near montpellier
(y) icon car for sure....
A guy is building one ....not the real one but I must admit he's very ressourceful....and skillful.You can watch his step by step here.Funny guy.


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Northwest Territories
I absolutely love that orange and pale blue Gulf livery--one of motorsports all time classics--and the colours work well in that fly for sure.



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Netflix or one of the streaming services has a movie called Ford Vs Ferrari that documents the story. It’s very very good. Like very. The politics are very interesting. Ford had so much cheap conservative bureucracy they never could have won on their own and had to hire outside champions and even then they tried to sabotage their own victory many times. The other was showing how MaClaren literally cheated/bought the race in ‘66 (maybe it was 65) or Ford would have won that year too. Spectacular movie. Reminds me of MotoGP in 2015 when Rossi should have won the world championship, but there was extensive foul play backed up by Dorna and Espinoza or whatever his name is.. Reminds me of the Russians controlling Gymnastics and Ice skating all the way until the 70s and 80s. Politics before All.