Guide for Gilas?

el jefe

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Albuquerque, NM
I know nothing about her except what I read in the most recent issue of Southwest Fly Fishing, but Cinda Howard guides that area. If you can get your hands on the May/June 2020 issue there is more information, including how to get in touch with her. There is also contact information for other guides in Silver City, NM. The website for the magazine is There is other good information in that article, as well.

If you have trouble getting that info, PM me and I'll send along more details.


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southern arizona
This thread went down the list while I was fishing a lake in our high country that cinda was guiding on at the time. She seems nice but I don't know her except you can't miss her wooden dory. I know she's just starting out and got a spot in southwestern fly. But reading the article I see she hasn't found the sweet spots for gila trout in new mex yet. I hope she doesn't.

I self guided for gila in both az and new mex. The only real gila trout country in az is closed due to fire and all fish were killed except those rescued. You can catch all the gila you want right now just outside of payson and no guide needed. One of our hatcheries has been very successful and gila are being stocked and promoted big time in the nearby river. Planning the new mex trips for gila took a lot of research but it's all out there on the web.