Hatch Chart for the Lower Mid-U.S. Region


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Pinedale, WY
This is something new we are trying to add to the forum, so if you have a hatch chart of your favorite water in the Lower Mid-U.S. Region please add it or let me know and I can add it in. Thanks!


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Here is a Hatch Chart for the Lower Mountain Fork River in south East Oklahoma. I saved this to a word document from a forum of one of the local fly shops about a year ago. Haven't fished there enough to verify everything but it was pretty accurate for the times I have gone. One addition I would add is the Barr's Emerger in either the BWO or PMD varriant sizes 18-22


Bead Head Pheasant Tails (Size: 14-18)
Hares Ear (Size: 14-18)
Orange Soft Hackles (Size: 16-18)
Red Hackles (Size: 16-18)
Bead Headed Wollybuggers (Colors: Olive, White, Black, Rust) (Size: 10-20, I like Big WB’S)
Black Midges (Size: 12-22)
Red Midges (Size: 12-22)
Blue Winged Olive (Size:16-22)
Sulpher (Size: )
Cahill (Size: 18-22)
San Juan Worm's pink, red, white, peach
Pink Egg
Chartreuse Egg
Peach Egg
Red Egg


Hatches: Baetis, Blue Winged Olive, Light Cahill, Midge

Flies to use: Pheasant tails, Red Fox Squirrel, San Juan worm, Egg Patterns, Griffiths Gnat, Adult Caddis, Emergers


Hatches: Mayflies, Midges, March Brown

Flies to use: March Browns, Bead Headed Black and Red Midges (size 12-14), San Juan worms, egg patterns, Griffiths gnat, CDC, Emerger Patterns, Soft hackle


Hatches: Blue winged Olive, Midges

Wet Flies to use: Soft Hackle, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Egg patterns, Red Fox squirrels, crane fly
Dry Flies to use: Griffiths Gnats, Hares Ears, March Brown (mayfly), Blue Winged Olive (mayfly)

Flies to use: Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, Thread Midges, and Caddis Pupae Flies, Soft Hackles, Midges, Hares ears, Pheasant tails, Prince nymphs


Hatchs: Flying Ants, Caddis, Mayflies, Crane flies, Midges

Flies to use: Red Soft Hackle, Elk Hair Caddis, Midges, Ants,


Hatches: Baetis, Beetles ,Blue Winged Olive, Brown Caddis, March Brown ,Tan Caddis

Wet flies (nymphs) to use: Cream Colored Soft Hackles, Nymphs, Adam Parachutes 12-16, Hare's ear Nymphs, Elk hair caddis
Dry flies to use: CDC Caddis and CDC Mayfly Emergers, EHC, Adam Parachutes


Hatches: Mayfly, PMD's, Sulphurs

Flies to use: Grasshoppers, Ants, Midges, Mayflies, Caddis


Hatches: Mayflies, Midges

Flies to use: Copper Johns, Griffiths Gnats, EHC, Ants, Griffiths Gnats, Soft Hackles, Hoppers, Soft Hackles, Hoppers


Hatches: Midge, Hexagenia, Caddis, Mayflies, Mosquitoes

Dry Flies: Caddis and Mayflies (including dry, emergers, and cripples)
Flies to use: Soft Hackles, Midges, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, Small Mayfly Imitations, Caddis Pupae, Emergers, Hoppers


Hatches: PMD/s, BWO's Yellow Sally, Grass Hoppers and Katy-Dids, Hexagenia Mayflies

Wet flies (nymphs) to use: Green Bead Head Caddis Nymph imitations in about size 14-16, Egg patterns, San Juan Worm, Various Soft Hackles, Light Cahill, Grasshopper, Ant, Hex Nymph, Hoppers
Dry flies to use: Stimulators on a size 10 hook, Elk hair Caddis, Hex


Hatches: Caddis, Grey Mayflies, Blue Quills Blue Winged Olives Midges, Sulfurs

Flies to use: Miracle Midge, Zebra Midge, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worm, Pink Eggs


Hatches: Small Tan Caddis, Small Black Caddis, Midges, Blue Wings

Flies to use: Thread Midges, Caddis Emergers, spiders, Copper John, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worms

Hatches: Black Caddis, Blue Winged Olives (mayfly) and Midges.

Flies to use: Emergers, Caddis, Mayfly, Midges, Egg patterns -pink mainly.
Dry flies to use: Griffiths Gnat, Blue Winged Olive, Black Caddis