Hopper Swap, Spring 2011


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Twitch........... twitch......... twitch......... twitch.......... twi-KABOOM!

Yup, that's hopper fishing. Some great patterns here, tyers did a great job.

Thanks to all!

DH Hopper
by Stl_Geoff

Hook: 2xl or 3xl dry fly hook size 10
Yellow: 6/0
Overbody: 2mm foam tan
Underbody: 1mm Razor foam yellow
Underwing: Rainbow Crystal Flash
Overwing: Natural Bull Elk
Thorax: Yellow UV Ice Dubbing
Legs: Yellow rubber with orange and brown stripes

by ChrisinselwynNZ

"Surprise Hopper"
by Lancer09

Henry's Fork Hopper
by Mudbug
(see Mudbug's post below in this thread for an excellent step-by-step tutorial on tying this pattern)

Hook - TMC 5212 #10
Thread - UTC Ultra 140, Olive
Under Wing - Yellow Deer Body Hair
Wing - Mottled Turkey, Natural
Head and Collar - Green Deer Body Hair
Body - Brown and Chartreuse craft foam
Legs - Chartreuse Silly Legs

Letort Hopper
by Ant

Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #10-16
Thread: Black or Yellow 6/0 or monocord
Abdomen: Pale Yellow Dubbing
Wing: Turkey Wing Fibers, coated with vinyl cement or Art Fixative spray like Krylon
Collar and Head: Natural Deer hair

Foam Hopper
by BigCliff

Madame X
By Famill00

Hook: Umpqua U103 size 8
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Tail and under body: Natural deer hair
Bullet head and wing: Natural deer hair
Legs: Yellow rubber

Pink Pookie Hopper
by Jimmie

Hook: 2xl nymph
Thread: Red 6/0
Body: 2 mm tan craft foam
Underwing: Natural deer hair
Wing: 2 mm pink craft foam
Post: 2 mm orange craft foam
Legs: Medium round rubber
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Dang I wish I joined before this started as hoppers are some of my favorites to tie and fish. Good job guys


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amazing bunch of hoppers
look like they came straight out of a Kaufmann catalog:biggrin:

no complaints

you guys know from what you tie

all good