How might a triple surgeon's knot be compromised?


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The graphic is not a surgeon's knot, nor any I have ever seen.
LoL, yup! Sorry for the crappy picture I posted that doesn't do well at representing the know. I was trying to show the proper tag end appearance and didn't pay attention that the knot pictured wasn't as captioned!

I have not seen that either, it's why I asked. I used to know every knot in the Bluejackets Manual, but most of them have escaped over the years.

I should ask too, what exactly was done wrong in the video?
He shows the proper way to tie it in the end. During his description he mentions how not to tie it, which is by putting the tag ends together. This is what I was referring to. Looks like I wasn't clear in my previous post.

If you watch the video, he says something like..."this is one of the most common mistakes" and demonstrates it. Don't make the mistake he tells you not to make Doing so will give you a know that may last a while but will certainly fail soon.

Hope that's more clear! It's an excellent knot and ties extremely fast!