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Thank you for posting! What an excellent and educational video. He used "sinusoidally"!:D :D :D

Sometimes using a slow sink line fishing these is killer when floating line can't get a bite. Others, it's the opposite. This video does a great job of explaining why :)

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Brian Chan "How to Fish: Damselfly Fly Fishing Strategies"
Here is your video imbedded in the post

My favorite damsel nymph is the Borger damsel nymph pattern.

Gary Borger » Blog Archive » Marabou Damsel Nymph

An important difference between Gary's Patterns and others is the dark over light bicolor abdomen. Damsel nymphs are bicolor, dark over light as the following photos of naturals reveal.

The best adult damsel pattern I have is the Borger Braided Butt Damsel

Tying instructions are below:

Gary Borger » Braided Butt Damsel

Some tiers have used foam to modify the pattern to guarantee a floating fly.

I mentioned this to Gary and he asked me whether the tiers had thought he had not considered foam. According to Gary, the trout can concentrate on the drowned damsels and the foam pattern cannot imitate drowned damsels because they always float.

So tie the standard pattern first and add a few foam ones if you want. Compare the Borger damsel with other damsel patterns and you will note how realistic the braided butt body looks compared to foam, dyed deer hair, or dubbed abdomen patterns. None of these can match the thin abdomen of the natural insect. The Borger damsel is the most effective of all damsel patterns.

And use a strong tippet. The vicious take can often break you off.

Another point is that the stage before the mature blue damsel is the brown teneral phase. You can use a brown color marker to match the mono to tie up a few teneral patterns. The brown teneral patterns will also match brown dragon flies.

Cortland braided mono comes in 30 and 50 lb strengths. Get the 50 if you can. You can use the braided mono for making braided loops and the 50 lb is stronger.

The video below shows how damsels are vulnerable when they are under the water and how they get trapped in the film. A foam damsel pattern can't get that trapped in the film appearance.