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silver creek

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Rothschld, Wisconsin
I have noticed that we often get repetitive questions that seem to cycle every few months. So I thought a good sticky would be a very easy way to search this forum.

So here is how I search this forum for previous threads.

Instead of using the search button on this site, use Google Search. Google will not only find the threads, it will also find other similar searches that can help.

On Google Search, type in "XXX" where "XXX" is what you are searching for.

For example a recent question was how to preserve bird skins. I searched for "preserving hides" in Google.

Note the related searches on the bottom of the page that will search all of google. Click on "preserving hides with salt" and you get:


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Pinedale, WY
I agree, the "Search" button on this forum is pretty much useless, instead I like to use the "Advanced Search" button. First click on "Search" in the blue ribbon at the top, in the new window, click on "Advanced Search".

After Clicking on "Advanced Search", this new window will pop up. It gives you the capability to refine your search:
1. Search by username (if you know who made the post), then in the drop down you can select "Find Posts by User" or select "Find Threads Started by User"
2. Search by Keyword, then in the drop down you can select "Search Entire Post" or select "Search Titles Only"
3. Or you could search a Keyword and then narrow it down by a date or by a particular forum or both

Here is an example, this morning I wanted to find a trip report I did a couple years ago on a trip into the Wind River Range on horseback. So I put in the username "mcnerney" and selected "Search Titles Only" and then in the Keyword I added "Wind" and then selected the "Rocky Mountain Forum".