Intruder chassis for saltwater?


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In SoCal surf the best lure is the action of the lucky craft. It has an action that other makers can't quite duplicate and I think is responsible for the success of this bait.
Is anyone using the Intruder chassis for saltwater and are you willing to post pics of your creations? I consider myself new to Socal surf fishing and tied most of my flys on the Clouser chassis. What I don't like about the clouser tying with EP and bucktail is an overall lack of action of the fly itself. That lead me to the intruder patterns that really look good moving in the water. I think this movement is why it is the go to steelhead pattern. This is my 1st tie, a shrimpy intruder that has great action in the water. But I did stifle much of the action by using some EP shrimp as an overwing. I will need to come up with something else or at least use less overwing. Anyway I'll to try it on the beach to see if I get any interest. If any of you guys are using the intruder chassis successfully I'd love to see some of your creations for some good ideas. I need to dream up a forage fish pattern, anchovy or sardine. So if anyone is willing to share or tell me why the intruder is a bad idea.



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Pick up some Hareline Polarflash (craft hair and flash mix), and tie extra long tails into your clouser, ala the flashtail clouser. Great pattern, lots of movement. I'm a believer in the vertical movement of a clouser's retrieve.


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That's a darn good looking fly! Fish it!

One of the big things the clouser style has going for it is that falling action. That drop after the strip drives them nuts more than anything else. But like you, I often think of using a material for more body action. Think I'll try some marabou next tie session.