Jackson Wyoming and Yellowstone area


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I spent several years living in Jackson and was lucky enough to fish the area extensively. Years back I knew a few guides from Worldcast and Westbank Anglers, if they have maintained their reputation then I would not hesitate to recommend either of them, however I'm sure any of the local guide services will provide a great outing... just be sure to let the guide know what your expectations are and they'll be able to take care of you better.

I spent most of my money at Orvis and High Country Flies for no reason other than I liked the vibe in both those shops. Once again there are plenty of options.

Snowpack is pretty high this year, so runoff may be a bit later... don't be afraid to explore the tribs as they tend to fish better earlier in the season.

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous... floating the Snake beneath the Tetons is an experience to be cherished.

Cheers, have a great trip!
Hello Scoots, I am very fortunate to be headed out to Jackson for a guided elk hunt starting in the first week of October. I'm driving out from NJ and may wind up there a couple of days early. If I can swing getting a guide for a day of fishing I will but I'm already pretty well financially vested in the hunt. I'd prefer to camp for a couple of days and enjoy some fly fishing. Anything local to Jackson for camping/fishing would great after driving 2200 miles. I would consider camping/fishing a couple hours away if that is a better fit.


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Check out Dubois.The boys there are great,and so are the cutties. No billionaires ,just millionaires HA! Cheers,Chet