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Rob Edmunds

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Hi All
I'm after some advice and to be pointed in the right direction, so please be gentle with an outsider ;-)

My name is Rob Edmunds, I fish a lot; approximately 100+ days a year here in the UK and tend to specialise in fly-fishing large Still Waters and Reservoirs for trout, I would class myself as a reasonable and pretty obsessive angler and fly tyer.

The disruption to the air travel industry as a result of Covid-19 pandemic has pretty much ruined my last couple of family fishing holidays that I had planned - Canada is one of the few places we can visit from the UK without the need to quarantine on our return etc....

I'm planning a 3 week fishing trip in 2022 or 2023 and hoping to use the still water skills/knowledge and patterns that I already possess. I'm thinking that the British Columbia, Kamloops area will provide me with a lot of good water and options.

I'm planning of hiring a car and potentially fishing 2 or 3 days on a number of waters - Ideally I'd like to fish Chrominoid time (or buzzers as we call them) I think that's May/June time in Kamloops.

I really can't afford 3 weeks in a lodge as my wife and son will also be fishing most days

- Is it possible to just purchase a general fishing licence and fish from the shore of the lakes, or do you need authorisation to fish each individual lake ( as we do here in the UK) ?

- is it possible to rent - hire a boat for the day or the week on any of the lakes ( in advance) ? as I've no problem with a boat as 80% of my fishing is from a drifting boat etc..

- Can anyone recommend the most consistent lakes to fish ?

- Can anyone recommend Rental properties or a reasonably priced hotel close to a couple of lakes......We don't mind remote as all we need is somewhere clean and able to provide food....

I really don't want a Guide as I want to use my knowledge/experience to work things out and will be taking all my own tackle anyway - to me that's important as anyone can follow instructions once they are put on fish.

Many Thanks



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Maui, Hawaii
I am planning a trip to Thuya Lakes September of 2022. You should check out their website. Their prices seem very reasonable. One nice aspect is they will pick you up in Kamloops so it may not be necessary to rent a car. Warning, it is rustic, you are not staying at some fancy lodge. I sent them an email and got a really nice response.


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Welcome to the Forum.

I know the Kamloops area lake country. Based on what you stated, I think staying at a motel or hotel in Kamloops and then driving to the different lakes would be an efficient option. Think of Kamloops rather like the hub of a wheel and surrounding lakes around it as making up the wheel around it. You have loads of nearby options. I'd rent a truck and use it to get around. The local fly shops are very helpful if you are willing to loosen their lips by spending a little money.

I have stayed at Thuya Lakes and it is very, very rustic. But the surrounding lakes can be very productive. Some are super small and isolated -- some monster size trout lurk in them.

For fishing chironomids, you will want to pay careful attention to the altitude of the various lakes, as this of course will impact when they start/finish. Because of the wide variety of lake chemistries and their altitudes, you could almost fish chironomids throughout the entire spring and a lot of the summer by varying which high altitude lake you fish.

hope this helps