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I have my kayak trailer, a double jet ski trailer set up with 4” PVC bunks to carry the two Jackson Mayfly yaks on it. I love how they ride etc. I treat it/them like a boat trailer, back it into the water and float them off. The lakes I fish have concrete not ramps but no kayak launches. After fishing all day I don’t want to have to pick those 100lb boats up.
I am having trouble figuring out a way to quickly secure them to the trailer to pull them up out of the water and off the ramp before strapping them down for the ride home.

I have to wear compression stockings due to medical problems so I try to avoid getting my feet in the water.
Any ideas?

The Mad Duck

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I have a similar trailer set up and a similar boat. I have a Jackson Big Rig and it has the same hole in the stern of the boat as the Mayfly. I put 12 foot stern line on the rear handles of the boat. When I'm ready to pull the boat out, I back the trailer in, right to the waters edge. I get on the trailer and walk back towards the back of the trailer. I grab the stern line and pull the boat to the trailer. I lift the back of the boat up, pull it up on the bunks add walk it to the front of the trailer. I take a 6 foot NRS strap and run one end down through the hole and around one of the bars on the trailer,then tighten it down. This should hold the boat in place until you get to the top of the ramp.. Make sure you take it slow so you dont bounce the boat off sideways. Once you get up the ramp, tie the rest of the boat down. I normally dont get my feet wet
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