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"and party every day!" - Kiss, 2008. This swap is for fly patterns inspired by the songs of the band Kiss....ER, WAIT...just kidding!

This is not a Kiss Swap! It's a KISS Swap - Keep It Simple, Stupid Swap. The patterns that are great for this swap are the fly box fillers, the 2X2's (2 materials or less and 2 minutes or less to tie), the guide patterns - quick to tie and deadly on the water, etc... It's the fishing season and no one wants to spend a lot of time behind the vise. Let's share our favorite quick to tie fish-catching fresh water patterns with one another.

There will be 12 openings in this swap and the last date to register for this swap is May 31st and the flies are due to me by June 30th. Do not forget your toe tags, SASE, and swap boxes with at least your screen name on it. If you are new to swaps and/or new to tying please let me know so that I may provide any assistance you need to make this a fun, learning and successful experience. I am retired and do check this site at least once a day and I firmly believe that the only dumb question is the unasked one! This is my second swap on this site BUT I have been participating and hosting swaps for 10+ years now so I do know what I'm doing. If we have less than 6 people people register by May 31st I will make a decision then to either extend the registration date or cancel the swap I will keep all in the swap in the conversation loop.

Feel free to check out my past swap here (the Ladies Night Swap) for more info an an old picture of the ugly guy hosting this swap! I look forward to working with you and I thank you for considering this swap.


1- flukefly -SMP
2- WadeK in to Deep - Cutter's Caddis variation
3- Johan851 - Deer Hair Sedge
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