Long mono butt section sticking to nymphing rod in the rain/snow


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Being unfamiliar with the EU technique, I'm not sure how it is different than older techniques like Humphreys' all mono rigs or ted Fay's tight line methods- it sounds much like a copy of these techniques. When I fished all mono with Cobra flat monofilament per Humphreys I used a dropper with shot on it to get my light nymphs down, but eventually abandoned the system in favor of floating fly line and hand made tapered leaders, using an extremely long 5x tippet to gain depth when needed, I found the key to fishing upstream nymphs (at least for me) was to keep the leader at about 1.5 X rod length and using the downstream water as loading to yank the rig up into a lob up and across stream, Fay/Towendolly style and never to extend line more than that. Keeping the nymphs essentially under the rod tip. This in turn requires wading in and standing near the fish.
As I understand your problem the cling you have in the leader is mostly because that piece of leader inside the guides is too limp/soft; I would change that to 20-30# mono or 15-20# Amnesia- in other words something stiffer than what you have, and make a reducing taper outside the guides; perhaps about 3' above the flies. This may be what others have said about extending the comp line outside the guides, I don't know what comp line is, but suspect it is simply level running line?
To stay with your light soft leader, I don't think waxing the rod will help, waxing the leader might though or wiping both with a water repellent. You really need weight to keep the leader tight enough that it can't cling.
Maybe you will get some ideas from this and the other articles linked from here The Mono Rig and Why Fly Line Sucks | Troutbitten
I probably could have definitely gone to my 4.5mm and 5.5mm tungsten nymphs to get rid of the sticking issue. I was just wondering if there were any solutions during the rain with "ligher" nymphs. Seems like there is none and the solution is to use more weight/ shorter leader and rely on the competition line to shoot the line out.

Thanks everyone for chiming in on this issue!