Looking for Blackbird Caye and Punta Gorda fishing info


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I am heading to Belize with my family in a week and plan to do as much fishing as possible. We will be staying on Blackbird Caye for part of the trip which is on the eastern side of Turniffe Atoll about 6 miles south of Turneffe flats. As the place we are staying on Blackbird Caye is a dive resort there are no fishing guides and they have no info besides yes you can catch fish. Looking at the area on Google Earth the shore areas seem generally a bit deeper than Turneffe Flats. Anyone know anything about fishing around Blackbird Caye? I have fished North of Ambergris Caye in Chetumal Bay/Xcalak so I am familiar with permit/bonefish scene in this area. Anyone know if there will be adolescent tarpon in the lagoons this time of year?

Following Blackbird Kay we will be working our way south ending up in Punta Gorda. Any tips suggestions on fishing this coastal area? I have found a website for Garbutt's fishing lodge in Punta Gorda but it seems like they just guide for folks staying in their lodge.

Lastly anyone fished for Snook in rivers lagoons in these areas?

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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