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An old Atlantic Salmon fly created by New Englander, Archibald Mitchell.

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A brief history of Archibald -

Archibald (1844-1923), was born in Cupar, County Fifte, Scotland. While still a young man he came to the United States. He obtained employment in a dry goods store in Hartford, Connecticut. Shortly thereafter, with another young Scotchman he went to Norwich, Connecticut where they opened a store of their own. This was the forerunner of other stores located in Portland, Meaine; Syracuse, New York; Fort Wayne, Indiana and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mr. Mitchell was one of the founders of the Runnymeade Lodge on the Restigouche River and he also had an interest in a stretch of water on the Upsalquitch River, both in New Brunswick, Canada.

A more in depth history of Mr Mitchell and his fly, from the Summer 1997 issue of The American Fly Fisher.

It was one of only two Atlantic salmon flies noted in Mary Orvis Marbury's book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories (1892) that was created in America. It is #21 in the Salmon Fly Plate below.

mitchell - PlateBMaryOrvisMarbury.JPG

The fly peaked my interest as it shares my last name. I'm not related to Mr. Mitchell (that I know of).....but we do share Scots blood somewhere and the love of fishing.

mitchell 2.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #3
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag- Yellow floss
Tail - GP crest topped with European Kingfisher
Butt - Red wool yarn
Body - Black silk floss
Rib - Small silver oval tinsel and medium silver embossed tinsel
Hackle - Yellow and black schlappen
Wing - Black goose shoulder
Cheeks - JC and European Kingfisher
Topping - GP crest
Head - Red thread and Loon UV cure