MONO LINES RIGS what are the pros and cons, your thoughts?


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I do not want to jump into debating the deeply philosophical question of "What is fly fishing?" After reading all the posts thus far, I think we can all agree everyone is passionate about this sport however they choose to define it. I am also grateful that there are folks out there like Old Timer who are keeping the old traditions alive. I'm not at the point where I am keen to fly fish using that old gear, but it's nice to know if that day ever comes there will be someone like Old Timer out there to help me learn how to do it and appreciate the special attributes of the gear. I think it would be fun to fish with Old Timer someday and observe his techniques. I'm sure I would learn a few things that would make me a better fisher even if I'm using modern gear. In the meantime, let's agree that we all just want to catch a few of these beauties. Thankfully, our river dropped enough to make it possible.