My new Yeti Backflip 24 cooler: how to label it.


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Upstate NY
I love the idea of these but never would have spent the money. It was sweet to receive one as a birthday gift though! It's a cooler, a daypack, a waterproof boat bag or padded camera bag, etc. etc. A handy item, no doubt.

And they're becoming somewhat ubiquitous in some circles and I don't want mine to get lost, stolen, accidentally swapped with someone else's etc. So, I want to put my name on mine. I do this to a lot of gear that is commonly used by folks in the same hobby, locale, or whatever. It has paid off a few times with things being returned to me and may have been a deterrent to theft at some point; who knows.

I just can't make myself do it with a permanent magic marker... It needs to be fairly prominent for easy I.D. and permanent or reasonably permanent. How would you do it if it was yours?