My Salmon Fly Pattern

Davitticus Maximus

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New York
A couple years ago I wanted to come up with a good pattern to catch Salmon, on the Salmon River, here in N.Y. After fishing the river for some years, I used my own experience, plus talked with other fishermen for opinions on style of fly, as well as colors. I finally came up with a pattern similar in appearance to a Prince Nymph. I use a streamer hook, black ice dubbing, black goose biots for the tail, chartreuse wire, chartreuse bead head, chartreuse thread and chartreuse ice dubbing. This particular pattern I have called
"The Dark Knight" It has worked pretty well early in the season. I have played around with different color bead heads and sometimes use brass, black or blue. Wings might be black, yellow, or chartreuse. The Salmon season has started off slowly this year, due to low water levels but there are some fish to be had. I tied a bunch this past week, and drove up today for a few hours. I had a couple swim up in front of me but could not entice a strike. They appeared to be Jack's. Then before dark a couple jumped out of the water in front of me at a different location. Conditions are tough, hopefully some rain will come along soon.