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For many years I have dedicated myself to traveling every summer. Fishing is my passion, and I see in this forum that you also love to fish.

In this post I am going to briefly comment on my experience in Floria, as well as how I wrote it on my social networks.

Want to go out and fish in Florida?

No problem. The central region of the east coast of Florida has several piers and piers for fishing. With easy access, anglers can approach the deeper and more productive coastal waters along beaches and inlets. Add to that the brackish breeze, the melodic effect of the surf, and frequent dolphin sightings, these spectacular angling spots generously offer an inviting environment and advantageous amenities that allow you to come and go as you please.

Jetties like the ones at Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, and Jupiter Inlet, along with the pedestrian-friendly piers at Ponce, Sebastian, and Fort Pierce Inlets, are productive almost at any time, but be aware of the effect of cycle times. lunar tides. First, the incoming tides indicate more activity, as roving predators such as mackerel, kingfish, tarpon, cod, bluefish, and sharks follow the schools of baitfish that ride the rising waters closer to these structures.

The docks, Florida's favorite pole-fishing spots, see another spike in activity as outgoing tides discharge through inlets, bringing with them a buffet of baitfish and crustaceans from the dammed waters.

While I was in Floria, some Spanish friends suggested that I use an app, (Link Removed by Ard) to share my adventures and meet other people who are also passionate about fishing, like you.

It has been very useful to me, now I know more species and I can use a private geolocator that has many benefits,

That's the wonder of fishing off piers and piers: you can go at your own pace, fish for as long as you like, and momentarily take in the scenery whenever you feel like taking in the views.

Maybe I'm talking about one of the most beautiful places in the world and, without a doubt, in Florida are some of the best places I have visited to fish.

The Keys offer all kinds of saltwater fishing that can be done in the sun. You can go to Florida Bay just by reaching the Upper Keys, while the Lower Keys are the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, you can fish in the deep waters that the Atlantic offers, it would be a big mistake to forget about the incredible plains and backcountry fishing in the Keys. Large quantities of snook, tarpon, bonefish and permit can be caught at various times of the year.
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You seem to know a lot on the subject. This post has helped me and I will definitely check out that app.

I am going to pensicola in March... What will I be able to catch? I have had experience in Texas with rough surf and sheepshead galore but I really want to catch ladyfish,Jack crevalle, and Spanish mackerel (yep I am that desperate) on some lures


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Welcome to the forum, I did remove the link to the App you included because we are a little about new members linking things on their first post.