My Wife thinks I am getting worse as I get older...

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On the 25th of march , the close season is over and I can fish again , I haven't wet a line since the end of February and it seems like an eternity. My wife can't understand how a 62 year old bloke can get so bloody excited about fishing. I suppose I understand where she is coming from this year is my 49th season as a fly angler and every year that passes I get more like a two year old on Christmas Eve as the new season approaches . The other night I had all the fly reels out checking and cleaning , changing tippets , well you know all the usual stuff that fly anglers use the lounge carpet for. Anyway just thought I would share my excitement that on the 25th I will be on the river come hell or high water ..... Hope that your new season comes around soon to,,,,

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Maui, Hawaii
Good for you. I gave up fly fishing when I moved back to Hawaii in the 80's. I took it up again and am so addicted. Bad part is I sure got sticker shock as I replaced all the equipment and tying materials.