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Hello all. I recently joined NAFFF and missed this particular forum. Intro: I started fly fishing for real ~22 years ago (I ignore the earlier, failed attempts when I was in college). I was taught in Utah, fishing the Provo and smaller streams near SLC while visiting friends. First trout on a fly was cutthroat. I was entranced. Since then I have fished almost exclusively in the Sierras -- I live in Oakland, CA -- and mostly wade streams. My friends who fished have moved away so I almost always fish solo -- occasionally I can convince my teenage son to come with me.

I would categorize myself as squarely intermediate. I can cast reasonably well, rarely get skunked, but am well aware I have a long way to go to get "good" at fly fishing. For the past few years I have not been on the water as much as I would like (1-2 trips a year). This year, having turned 50 and gotten back in decent shape, I decided to get out a lot more often. Five days on the water so far this year (tying last year already) and I landed my personal best rainbow last weekend. Pic attached.

Nice to meet you all and thank you for providing such an abundance of knowledge and experience and a place for all of us to participate.



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Savannah Ga.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Don't give up on the teenager!
One of mine loved it all of his teen years. The older one just occasionally.
Now the oldest (24 now) loves to go on trips to a river or stream. I
did have to make adjustments on my earlier trips for the oldest. It usually
meant staying in camp more, sleeping late & building fires. Now we fish
and have fun and he enjoys re-learning to fly fish.


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Camillus, NY
Hello from the far coast! My name's Kim and I'm a born and bred central NY'er. Been tying for 50 years now. I joined a little less than a year ago, having branched out from FAOL after 10 years.

You'll find this site is loaded with some fine and experienced tyers/fishers, teachers and overall good and helpful people. Hope we have chance to cross paths here in the future.

'Till then, tight lines my friend!