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Wader Skins™ Versatile Aquatic System
Wader Skins™ will change the way you think about being in the water when fishing. They are a welcome relief compared to baggy, cumbersome and potentially dangerous conventional waders.

Every fisherman who wears waders has stories to tell about unpleasant experiences they have had, ranging from misjudging water depth and the discomfort of having waders filled with water, to that very dangerous slip where they lose their footing and are swept downstream. With Wader Skins™, your risks are minimized, because they fit tightly to your body and won’t fill up with water, allowing you the freedom to be comfortable in almost any aquatic environment (from wading in rivers or the surf…to fishing from pontoon boats, float tubes or kayaks).

Wader Skins™ are custom made here in the USA to fit YOU…one size (e.g. small, medium & large) does not fit all. When you order Wader Skins™, we get a series of measurements from you (takes about 10 minutes), and make them precisely to fit your body…one at time. Wader Skins™ are made of 3-millimeter neoprene…with torso and legging sections, attached by Velcro. Think of Wader Skins™ like a convertible wetsuit that you can adapt to various water conditions depending on the coverage you need. We have worn Wader Skins™ in water temperatures as low as 38 degrees and been very comfortable for six hour stretches. As well, on hot days, we have just used the leggings to fish in small streams when the outside temperature has been over 90 degrees.

Wader Skins™ deliver a comfortable, warm and safe way to be in the water doing what you love. Beyond fishing, Wader Skins™ are perfect for water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding or jet skiing.

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How WaderSkins™ change the way you fish
1. WaderSkins™ are custom made in the USA to fit YOU precisely for comfort & safety…made from 3 millimeter neoprene with Velcro at the shoulder and thigh, and at the ankle for easy put on/take off and fit.

2. Wader Skins™ are modular with leg & torso sections that let you decide how much coverage you need to keep you warm.

3. Wader Skins™ adapt to keep you comfortable in cold 38 degree water and cool on hot 100 degree days

4. Wader Skins™ lets you avoid mishaps that happen with conventional waders

Do what you love, in comfort & safety!
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Submitted by Ron Beltramo
Founder of Wader Skins™