News from Atlantic Salmon Federation - Nov. 14, 2013


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Geoff Giffin, ASF’s Regional Director for New Brunswick Programs, discusses in a news report the future of Veteran-oriented fly fishing in the province.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - New Program to Assist Soldiers with PTSD in NB

Proposed “Threatened” Status for Atlantic salmon on Newfoundland’s South Coast
Don Ivany discusses the challenges facing Atlantic salmon, as the Federal Government is calling for public comment in the Species at Risk (SARA) process:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - ASF's Ivany on the Situation of South Coast NL Atlantic Salmon

Public Comment Period Until Dec. 15 – Threatened Status, southern NL
ASF Background Documents associated with the THREATENED Listing Process in southern Newfoundland are brought together on a single web page. This includes

  1. An overview of the SARA Process
  2. The Recovery Potential Assessment (RPA) for southern Newfoundland
  3. A DFO 2-pager with details on how to provide your comments
  4. Maps of the “groupings” of rivers that have been used in the SARA process.

Atlantic Salmon Federation - Species At Risk Process: South Coast Newfoundland

WHAT IS MISSING: DFO has failed to make public a socio-economic survey of the potential impacts of “Threatened” Status, although we are now five weeks into the Public Comment period, and there are only another four weeks until public comment ends on Dec. 15. Yet in their own 2-page pdf on the process, DFO says anyone can ask for the document. If you wish to ask for a copy of the summary of socio-economic impacts, the email given is: [email protected]

Yet Another Farm Outbreak of ISA in southern Newfoundland
The sixth outbreak of ISA in little more than a year has resulted in a slaughter order for Cooke Aquaculture, and again places Atlantic salmon at risk on the south coast of Newfoundland.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Yet Another Farm Outbreak of ISA in NL that is Deadly to Wild Salmon