Now SOLD: Hardy Viscount LA Disc 7/8;


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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
I reduced to $240 if pay pal is used and $230 if you pay by personal check mailed. These are solid dependable reels.

These reels are rather scarce, they were produced circa 1999 through 2oo3 I think. I have a couple of them sized seven / eight. You can see the arbor size when looking at the front of the reel spool. They have the offset gear drag system and work quite well. I used these for silvers and kings on small waters here.

This is the Disc model not the Mk. III Viscount.

Diameter: 3 5/8 inch
Width; 1 inch
Weight with backing and 7 weight WF line loaded is 7.6 ounces

Delivered price via Pay Pal = $240.00 Reel Only
Price with 7 weight WF line = $$255.00 I'm not sure what brand of line but it's like new.
Active Members Paid by Personal Check = $230.00 or 245 with the line and backing.

All of my reels have been handled with care and I didn't notice any significant scuffs or dings on the reel.

Comes with neoprene case and original box.

I have the original box with user manual that came with the reel new also :)

Any doubts about the drag, relax, that's an 16 pound fish and the reel on the ground is the same reel listed. Many a silver salmon caught on these reels here.

More pictures; it's hard to show what a reel looks like on a rod unless you find some images and I did.

That's mounted on my 9'6" eight weight Light Salmon rod.

I think they are attractive reels, made in Alnwick and a cross between classic design and modern reels.
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Placida, FL
You know. I'm trying to reduce the number of unmated reels that I have right now. I've sold three this week and only have a couple more to go until I'm square to having the same number of reels as rods (or at least close). Now Ard has to come along and list another Hardy beaut. I don't need this reel, but I think one of my rods might want it. Problem is if I buy it then I have to either sell another reel or buy a rod for it to go on or it won't be happy (and then neither will I).

Hmm, wonder if my 7wt SAS might like this better than the Hydros III that's on it now. :unsure:

Dammit Ard. PM coming...