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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
It is no big secrete that the fly you catch a steelhead or salmon with in the Great lakes Tributaries. or the Pacific North West will work here in AK. This holds true for Ak. flies used elsewhere also. How bout you Idaho steelhead people, you have the big sea run trout too.

So what's my point? I would like to develop a source for members to list the patterns they tie for the big game fish, salmon and steelies. Obviously many of us fish for these species but few live here in AK. The threads are located in the AK. forums and are open to all of us to post in.

A few members have posted their salmon flies but I am feeling pretty lonely on the steelhead thread. The threads are all about our members tying flies and posting them and having fun while you are at it. Please don't not post because you don't feel you are the best tier in the world. Like me, your flies will get better as you tie.

I know we have the Share Patterns Forum and I don't want to steal the fire from there but on the Ak. threads it will be all salmon & steelie flies all the time. I hope you will join in and post your favorite patterns. There are thus far very few members from Alaska and without help from other parts of the country the lists / catalogs will not grow.

I am going to create an Index of sorts and post it as a Sticky within the AK. forum. Although it will not have thumbnail access to pictures and recipes I can list all patterns, the tier, and the thread and page to find the fly on.

I can very easily start a "Your Favorite Streamer" thread also. The nice thing is that you can return to your post and hit, ['Edit / Go Advanced'] and add more fly images and recipes to your first post. This creates your own site within a site, I hope you will help build this series of threads. Why should our members have to go Surfing the Net to find fly patterns when we can see our own.



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Monroe, Michigan
Ard, Where do you want them posted? Should I use the "Reply" function to post a fly or post it here for you to move into the "Sticky"?

Never mind Ard, I think I figured it out...:D