Planning a Fly Fishing Trip to Montana?


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SW California/ SW Montana
Hello fisherman friends fly.
I introduce myself I take myself GUY, French, living in the department of drôme.
I came fishing in September 2018 for 3 weeks with 2 friends in the area of Westyellowstone and Coocke city.
we have only one desire, it is to return in 2022 (for 3 weeks) to fish again these mythical rivers that are the Henry fork's, the madison, the Slought Creek and others to discover. I am therefore looking for all possible information regarding accommodation, permits, rivers.
French speaking people on site or in this forum will be welcome, because my ENGLISH is beginner level while wanting to try to progress quickly.
Thank you GUY
PS: if this message is not in the right places, thank you for moving it, I discover your forum
You may want to repost this in a new thread on the Rocky Mountain forum. I think your post is being missed by most in this old thread.