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Southern Alberta
I know that tough times are everywhere, however my country Bosnia was devastated by a war and recently got hit by floods. The unemployment rate is very high, and people have no food. Talking with neighbours within our area over the phone and the situation is in dire need of help. I ask of you that are able and willing to help to donate if possible. I know our fly fishing community is tightly knit and that this would mean a lot to me if anyone can donate.

The news coming out this morning was that some of the charities are selling the donations that they received. I want to try and avoid any charities as I know that 100% of the funds will not go to the cause. I am trying to send it to the people that are in extreme need and have no food for their families and young children.

Once again thank you so much and your help is greatly appreciated.

Flood relief for Bosnia by Mirza Aldobasic - GoFundMe