PM day trip got the skunk off my new rod


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Oak Park, MI
Well, I went up to the PM Monday for the day to show a newbie some ropes and hopefully get into some fish. I had purchased a Loomis IMX pro 11'11" 7 weight last fall, had fished one trip swinging on the Ausable and one trip indy fishing in OH, but the rod had never been bent by a fish. Arrived about 8 Am, hiked it. My buddy wanted to swing, I explained I'm not sure how effective it would be with most of the fish being winter run holdovers that had just moved to the gravel with our first big Warm shot. It was about 40 when we started walking in and it was suppose to get to 60 and partly cloudy. We ran into fish on Gravel right away and I landed a nice female off a bed. My buddy tried swinging at some fish I could see working in being another bed and got no response. I switched him into an indy rig and he quickly hooked and lost a nice fish. The Sun started to get a bit higher the fish quickly vacated the gravel. I did one last drift behind the gravel and landed an 18" Brown, good start. Spent the rest of the day fishing dark holes with an indy rig, long leaders, 8 lb Flouro tippet and small eggs. Landed three more and hooked about 1/2 a dozen more. Didn't break off on any but had hooks pull out during fights ( consequence of tiny gapped small flys) The Rod performed great, coupled with my Perfect Taupo I was able to really lean into fish when needed and it handled line great. Has a great time all in all, oh and my buddy landed a Steelie and a Brown. IMG_1246.jpegIMG_1252.jpegIMG_1249.jpeg