Pond Fly Fishing - Perfect Evening


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Yesterday evening the weather was so perfect, I had to drop by a small pond to see if I could catch anything on the fly rod. I tied on a small foam cylinder popper I had made last year. Perfect conditions. No wind. Comfortable temperature.

Had small bluegills pecking at the popper with no hookups. Also had some bluegills pulling the popper down by the tail or rubber legs.

Eventually a bass came up under the fly and quietly slurped it down. No big blow-up. The popper was there one second and the next it had been swallowed down from below.



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Santa Rosa, NM
I learned to fly fish on still water. NO current to deal with. My go to panfish fly is a Madam X. It sits just below the surface tension of the water. A slight tug separates the rubber legs. When you stop your retrieve, the legs fall back closer to the body. It really gives it a lifelike quality. Often you will hear the slurp as a bluegill comes up for what he thinks is a fat snack.