Probably the coolest looking fly I ever made.


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I wish I had big pristine water like that where I could swing a fly and fight big fish on tippet that isnt 6X.....
oh well..........
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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
The images are ten years old at least and the fly was the result of me looking for inspiration. I have some old wet fly wallets and inside one I found flies I had made for Brook Trout fishing long ago. They were old school and small, Parmachene Bell, Silver Doctor, Brook Finn, Montreal etc. The Brook Finn just looked cool, I had actually made all those little flies with married wings and so I dug out the quills and went to work. Made 2 of that fly and caught with one although I'd need to look to see if I still have then both. I may have given one to a guy from France who fished with me years ago.

Char Fin it was :)

By the way, I got the label printer, it works, I cleaned my work area and should be posting about availability soon as I have some inventory built up. It's a real drag when orders come in and I am caught making them as I go. I like to post them out the same day or next day after I have a confirmed order and that can make you work 8 hours straight then jump in the truck and head for town to get them dropped off at the PO before 5 PM. Believe it or not I view these things as a responsibility, it's like hanging up your sign saying open for business and you better really mean it.