Quebec Nunavik and Trans-Taiga regions

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Arlington, VA
I was wondering if anyone had any type of information on this region. I understand the immense challenges with this area and the sheer amount of water there is, however I'm incredibly interested in doing a trip into Lac Bienville from the Trans-Taiga, doing a heck of a lot of portages it appears unless I can miraculously find a better path in. Lac Bienville has incredibly limited (virtually no) information regarding much of anything, much less fishing reports or history. I was wondering if anyone has been? If so what could I expect to encounter? I feel its safe to assume the general brookie, lake trout and landlockeds, however you just never know realistically.

This will be the experience of a life time if I'm able to confidently enough plan a route into the lake, which if anyone has more information on than I'm finding I'd love to know because it looks like dozens of 100-200m portages to get in. I have backup plans that involve chartering a float plane, but if I were to do that I'd go all in and do a float from Lac Payne down to Kangirsuk or Lac Minto to Tasiujaq. My major interest in Bienville is it looks on the verge of doable from the Trans-Taiga.

Thanks for any help or info about this pipe dream.