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A while ago a fellow I chatted with on the Salmon River showed me these and was pretty happy with them so I decided to take a look and placed an order. I have Costa Del Mar " Man O' War" with the dark gray and all the bells & whistles but I wanted something lighter for overcast days but didn't want to pony up the cash. I also wanted them to wrap around and provide some protection that my regular work sunglasses don't do.

It takes a while once you place the order but nothing to complain about , I think it was 3 weeks , pretty reasonable if you ask me. You need your current prescription , I got a little confused filling in the data but a call to my eye Doc sorted that out. The cost was about $120. USD I think all said and done , maybe even a little less. I was skeptical with the purchase and expected the script would probably not match , the frames/glasses would be junk or the polarization would not cut the cake so over the past couple weeks I've been comparing them and looking for flaws. So , here's what I think ....

The script is as good as the glasses I get from my local Doc , there is a slight chance the left eye might be ever so slightly off but I'm not 100% on that because when I change thru the 3 pairs of other glasses I have sometimes I don't get the same clarity with every pair. I have been wearing these driving to check reading road signs at distance and on the water. I'm having no problem seeing a #22 CDC dry fly at distance nor did I miss the brown feeding on nymphs looking over the bridge on the West Branch. They compare very well to my Costa Del Mar , the Costa's are probably a little crisper on the water in bright light conditions but not by much. Comfort they get an A- grade , very light but you loose just a little peripheral vison due to the design of the interchangeable lens but again not much. I really like the flip up feature for when I need to tie on a new fly.

The Frames are pretty darn good , certainly better then I expected. I don't think they are as durable as my Costas but they also don't cost 300 bucks for the frame and I'm pretty sure with a little care they will last quite a while , maybe even more. Changing lenses is a piece of cake and the whole package comes in a case that is pretty easy to attach to your vest or pack.

I've really only used the dark lens and yellow so far so was happy with those , I'll have to update as I get more time on the water with them but so far I have to say I'm pretty happy with the purchase. If you want a back up pair or just don't want to drop the coin for Costa , Smith or Maui Jim you should take a look at Rapid Eyewear.eye1.jpgeye2.jpg
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