Recommended 44 mag ammo


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Along with your choice of hardware, I STRONGLY recommend a small air horn. The kind that are so annoying at sporting events. I told this story here before, but it is worth repeating. I was one of the cooks at a youth retreat a few years ago. We had about 30 of the kids sitting around the campfire area eating lunch when the bear ambled out of the trees and headed straight for the kids ( and the smell of their food ). I grabbed my 18" barreled 12ga pump and ran between the kids and the bear. He kept coming. My cooking partner pulled out an air horm and hit 3 quick blasts aimed directly at the bear. That was all it took. Our uninvited lunch guest turned around, and ran out of camp. He didn't show up again at all that weekend. I'm not saying that's completely reliable, and I wouldn't recommend just the air horn, but it is a worthwhile addition.
Take an air horn.
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