RIP Neil Peart From Rush

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Neil Peart from Rush dead at 67...Brain Cancer

Rush was one of the top artists on the soundtrack for my misspent youth. I saw them first in 1977 and had seen them 10-15 more times since then. Neil Peart MADE that band for me. Taking nothing away from Lee or Liefson, but Neil Peart was Rush for me. The first time I saw them live and he did a roll from the farthest drum on his right, all the way across his kit to the far left, my mouth fell open and stayed that way for days. I still, to this day, can remember that like yesterday.

His drum solos were the stuff legends were made of and the lyrics he wrote spoke of epic journeys, mythology, space and social consciousness. I remember hearing them for the first time at a friends house and thinking they were so heavy sounding and at the same time not. They reminded me of Led Zeppelin in a way.

His kit was another thing that legends were made of. He must have and over 50 various drums, cymbals, tympani drums, gongs, kettle drums, cowbells, wood blocks, chimes, and any other things he could hit to keep a beat.

RIP Professor, you will be sorely missed as a person and as a drum God.