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RT Stonefly

Here is a fly that might break the internet. I have been searching for years for a fly that imitates a stonefly nymph that has some pizzazz. I've tied a boatload of flies and scoured the internet and books old and new over the past couple of years. Spey and Dee flies are well known to mimic prawns and baitfish....... but how about Stoneflies? Nothing.....

The bead head rubber legged Kauffman Stonefly is my #1 Great Lakes Steelhead go getter pattern. Don't tell anyone........but it's a killer pattern. But its not a pattern on the tongue of many Spey guys.

When you're Steelhead crazy and have no real life....one scours the internet looking at flies. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and those from the various fly shops. You see a lot of the same old same old. Beautiful patterns yes....but what about Stonefies? Well this may be my new favorite.

Bill McMillan is well known for taking Steelhead on the fly with Stonefly and other nymph patterns. This is very similar to his McMillan Stonefly. Highly impressionistic with some squiggly wiggly. This is a pattern I noted at Lost Creek Flies. Check it out. Use your imagination with color combos. Black, brown, olive, purple, tan....it's all good.

Excuse the pic......trust me...it'll kill Jerry. Kill.

rt stonefly.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #2 wrapped with .020" lead free wire
Tag- Large silver flat tinsel
Tail - Medium round black rubber
Body - Black angora dub
Rib - Large silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Large black ringneck pheasant rump
Collar - Guinea
Head - Black thread and Loon UV Cure