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Let me prefix this by saying I’ve been one of those guys that’s never walked around with any sort of adornment other than my wedding ring and a watch for pretty much all of my 63 years. However, earlier this year I made the pleasurable acquaintance of Edward Diaz through a mutual friend and we spent a great week fishing, drinking tequila and talking crap. He’s not a bad fly fisherman either and I was fishing with him the day he caught his first GT (much hootin’ and hollerin’). He is an artist who fashions the most fantastic bracelets and trinkets, all around fishing and hunting themes. He also gives a lot back to the fishing community and sponsored a number of guides

and outfitters days online during the COVID lockdown, when things were at their toughest. The measure of the man really.

The workmanship is astonishing and he can make whatever you want. He runs the business out of his Austin, Texas home and if you like wearing something that’s just a bit different and individual have a look. They’ve become quite trendy with a few of the saltwater fly fishing guys.

The business is called Sight Line Provisions and they have a great website you can browse. For the record, I have no financial or other interest in the company.


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